How to Claim Your Freebie

How to Claim Your Freebie

If you have received one of our newsletters or other promotional leaflets with a code to redeem your Freebie, you need to do the following: 

1. Buy a coffee  :-) you need to buy at least 250g of Redber Coffee to claim your freebie. 

2. Go to Checkout

 4. On the right hand side in the discount window type in your freebie code and click Apply. The discount code adds a note to your order for our packing team to add a freebie to your order. 


Please note that you can only use one code at a time. If you have any other code, please type it in to an order note:

*Please note, you can only claim one freebie and discount (e.g. referral discount) at the time. You can always leave a note with your order if you are having hassles with the discount code.